North Carolina Odyssey of the Mind Eastern Region

Frequently Asked Questions

What is North Carolina Odyssey of the Mind?

North Carolina Odyssey of the Mind is a non-profit, volunteer organization that provides the creative problem-solving program, Odyssey of the Mind?, for students in North Carolina. The Eastern Region is one of six subdivisions of North Carolina Odyssey of the Mind. The region covers 20 counties near the greater Raleigh area. In the spring of each year the Eastern Region holds a tournament at which the Eastern Region teams present their solutions. This is followed by a state tournament at which the six regions of North Carolina are represented. In late May or early June, representatives of North Carolina participate in a worldwide association finals.

What is the purpose of the Odyssey of the Mind? Program?

The Odyssey of the Mind program promotes creative thinking by challenging teams to solve divergent problems, or those with more than one solution. Students learn that creative solutions come from teamwork, cooperation and risk-taking. The Odyssey of the Mind program gives students a unique learning experience that promises to be challenging and fun. Students will learn cooperation, the appreciation and understanding of others, and that a group may be a more powerful thinking force than an individual

Who participates in Odyssey of the Mind?

Students in kindergarten through college participate in teams of five to seven students. Teams compete in divisions I, II, III, and IV based on age. Students eight and under have the option of participating in the Primary program which is non-competitive, demonstration only. Teams from across the United States, the District of Columbia and over 30 countries of the world will compete in World Finals 2000.


Is Odyssey of the Mind a school-based program?

It can be, but it is not always. Each team has a coach, who may be a parent, teacher or other interested adult. While most members are individual schools, homeschoolers, and community-based programs also participate.

What is the history of the Odyssey of the Mind program?

The Odyssey of the Mind program has its roots in Dr. Sam Micklus’s Industrial Design classes at Rowan University in New Jersey. In 1978, Dr. Sam developed problems for 28 New Jersey middle and high schools and ran a creative competition. This creative problem-solving competition has been featured on television’s "Creativity with Bill Moyers" and "I, Leonardo: A Journey of the Mind".



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