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2019-2020 Long-Term Problem Synopses
2018-2019 Long-Term Problem Synopses

Division 1, 2, 3 Tournament Information

March 2
North Carolina Central University

Tournament Scores

Prob. 1
OMER to the Rescue, Again
  Prob. 2
Hide in Plain Sight
  Prob. 3
Leonardo's Workshop
  Prob. 4
Structure Toss
  Prob. 5
Opposites Distract
Div II
Div I
Div II
Div I
Div II
Div I
Div II
Div I
Div II
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Primary Tournament Information

February 16
North Carolina Central University

Competition Schedule
Competition Site Map
Primary Tournament Day Information

Directions to the tournament (Google Maps)

Odyssey of the Mind Member Area

Tournament registration questions? Contact Tom Hansen at

Coaches and Coordinators:

Two helpful documents are available to help you in forming and managing teams.

Please take a look!

OotM Team Formation Common Considerations and Procedures
Administrative Timeline for OotM Coordinators and Coaches

Important Dates for Teams and Coaches

March 2, 2019 Eastern Region Div. I, II, III Tournament
April 6, 2019 NCOM State Finals - East Carolina University
May 22-25, 2018 World Finals - Michigan State University

Important Dates for NCOM-E Board Members

May 8, 2019 Eastern Region Board Meeting - 7PM
June 12, 2019 Eastern Region Board Meeting - 7PM

Additional NCOM-E Supporters Needed!
The Eastern Region board is actively recruiting for additional supporters. No prerequisites necessary. All that is needed is a willingness to serve the children of the Eastern Region and the desire to attend and contribute to the board meetings. Please join us at our next board meeting (see "Important Dates" above for the schedule)!

Odyssey of the Mind Awareness Sessions
Awareness sessions can be provided to schools who are new to Odyssey of the Mind. Sessions can be given to staff, students, parents, PTAs, etc. The sessions last approximately 75 minutes and include a video, powerpoint presentation, sample problems, and Q&A. Contact Tom Hansen for more information.

Regional Director
If you have any items which should be added to the agenda for our next regional board meeting, or if you would like more information, please contact regional director Tom Hansen (

Recent Updates:


Added State Tournament information and instructions for downloading and using the Odyssey State App


Posted tournament scores


Updated the Competition Site Map with a change to Problem 2 performace rooms

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24 February 2019
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11 February 2019
4 February 2019
20 December 2018
26 November 2018
16 November 2018
25 October 2018
13 October 2018
25 September 2018
8 March 2018

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