Parking Instructions

Parking Passes

Parking is very limited. Please carpool as much as possible. If carpooling from your home or school is not possible, carpooling from Carrboro Plaza (located at the intersection of Hwy 54 and Old Fayetteville Rd) is highly recommended.

This year we are going to use the parking strategy proposed by the coaches at coaches training. We will give out parking passes to each team. Parking lots 1, 3, and 4 will have reserved spaces close to the drop off points for those vehicles with parking passes. Parking lot 2 will be for unloading, bus drop off, and officials parking only. To avoid congestion in the parking lots and in the school halls, please do not unload your props until one hour before your competition time.

Each team will get 2 parking passes. Each pass is good for one car, truck or van. If your team is arriving in a bus or using a vehicle with a trailer attached, your team will have to use both passes for that one vehicle. This means that you will only get to park that one vehicle in a reserved space. Each car without a parking pass will be charged $2.00 to park. This is meant to encourage carpooling.


Where to Park

Each problem has an unloading zone and a parking zone.

Any busses or trailers that don’t have a parking pass should proceed to lot 4 where they can park on the track. This is the only parking area that can accommodate unexpected busses and trailers.

Plan to arrive early to give your team plenty of time to register, unload your props, and mentally prepare for the competition. Note that heaviest traffic times in the parking lots are between 8:00 and 10:00.



Please cooperate with and be polite to the police officers, volunteers, and officials. They have graciously donated their time and energies to make the day run more smoothly and less stressfully for YOU!!!! Cooperation and good humor on all our parts will help us achieve our goals. This is also a good time to remind you to thank your coach, judges, and other volunteers as well as encourage your kids.


Instructions for Coaches

Please make sure parents get a copy of this sheet along with maps, directions, problem locations and times. Remind parents when they invite grandparents and guests that these people need a copy of the items listed above. Please write the name of the team and school as well as competition times (this information is located on a sticker elsewhere in this package) on the maps before copying them for the parents. This will help the parents get the proper information to their invited guests. Each year we get at least one tearful guest who has missed seeing their grandchild, godchild, or best friend in competition because they were only given maps and not rooms or times. Remind parents and guests that they should try to arrive at least an hour before competition to help ensure they get to see the competition.

This would be a good time to explain to parents that once the door to a competition has been closed -- that performance has begun. No matter how much the person on the outside of the door wants to see the competition inside, the door will not be opened until after that performance is over. Therefore, allowing yourself enough time to find a parking space and leisurely walk to the competition site is imperative.


Handicap Parking

Also note that parking lots 1, 2 and 3 have handicap parking spaces. A regular handicap sticker (not a parking pass) is needed to gain entrance to those spaces. Anyone illegally parking in those spaces will be fined the maximum fine and may be towed depending upon space availability.

If any guests have a special need that should be brought to my attention (i.e. early entrance to the awards ceremony due to handicap) please contact me ahead of time at 919-781-8646 (ask for Amber) so that arrangements can be made.