Regional Tournament Scores

Problem 1
Techno Pets
Problem 2
Ody-SEE-ing Sounds
Problem 3
Classics . . . Wild.Winged.Wonders.
Problem 4
Achilles' Heel
Problem 5
Idiom Inspiration
Division II Division I Division I Division I Division I
Division III Division II Division II Division II Division II
Division III

Ranatra Fusca Creativity Award
Carnage Middle School

OMER's Awards

Bethesda Elementary Wild Winged Wonders Div I for perseverance, positive
attitude, and teamwork in rebuilding scenery and props after having them
discarded by the fire marshall two weeks prior to the tournament.

McDougal Elementary Idiom Inspiration Div I for working together in a
positive manner, appropriately ad-libbing and adding to the humorous
element when facing many technical difficulties throughout their

Chapel Hill Homeschoolers Techno-Pet Div III for their "Grace under
fire" when the vehicle accidentally caught fire. They responded with
humor, maturity and improvisation that added a wonderful touch.

Glenwood Ele Team Blue Achilles Heel Coach Dawn Chapman who, after a job
transfer, traveled from Richmond every weekend to work with her team.